What are some nice vacation spots in California?

Family of three. Were into national parks,historical sites,basically anything interesting. … [Read more...]

Parents: what are some good vacation destinations in the NE when you have young children?

Say your kids are 1 and 3 and you live in the NE US. What are some good vacation spots that are within driving distance that are kid-friendly for those ages? We live within a reasonable proximity to Kalahari, Great Bear Lodge, and Cedar Point. We've been to CP many times without kids, but never to the other two. Looking for something to do next summer, hoping to spend the better part of one week away. Thanks for any and all suggestions.... … [Read more...]

I’m going to San Diego in two days and i was hoping some locals could give me some great not so touristy spots

I don't want to spend my whole vacation walled up in some mass built resort there. any cool local spots to go hang out and have a couple of beers? any good restaurants or take away? cool things to do besides seaworld? … [Read more...]

What are some good vacation spots that aren’t in California (But still in America)?

The best Gossip Magazine Online www.gossipmagazineonline.com The best travel site Great Vacation Spots www.greatvacationspots.net I live in California, and I am trying to think of some good vacation spots. I don't want want to feel like I'm trapped in California for the summer, so I was wondering if you guys had any ideas. Only; 1. Not Hawaii (Went there last year) 2. Not many far East Coast ideas (New York and up) 3. Not Florida! Any ideas would be great, thanks! P.S. Would Cleveland be a good place to vacation? … [Read more...]

im looking to plan our famalies next trip…what are some places in the U.S. that are good vacation spots?

Please give me a list of your top 3 vacation spots to go to. this can be for family, or for just adults. Please tell me the city and state, as well as what makes the place so great. Im just trying to generate some ideas for a trip. Thanks guys! … [Read more...]

What are some Vacation spots in the midwest?

My mother is letting me choose a vacation somewhere near michigan that we could spend a couple of nights at. Does anyone have any good ideas? I already have, hersey penn, wisconsin dells, and great wolf lodge.. any more you can think of? … [Read more...]

What are some cheap Asia vacation spots?

Most detailed answer would be greatly appreciated. If you could tell me the costs of food, hotels, sight seeing and a little clubbing that would be great. I don't want to nor can I spend a lot of money but I really need to get away. :( … [Read more...]

What are some good vacation spots in the east coast of the U.S?

Me and my family are planning on going somewhere in the U.S but not by airplane just by car. I live in NJ and theres really nothing much to do around here. We would like to visit another state that's not too far. 7-8 hours at most driving. any state with beaches, festivals, or monuments would be great. thanks … [Read more...]

Where are some fun and affordable vacation spots in the US?

We are in our 30's. Personally I love museums & sightseeing. My husband loves the outdoors but please no camping (not for me!). We are pretty big partiers and like places with a fun outdoor atmosphere where we can relax and drink. We just got back from Vegas so please dont suggest that. And we've been on a cruise as well. So any suggestions other than a cruise and Vegas would be great!! Remember please keep AFFORDABLE IN MIND! Any suggestions? … [Read more...]

What are some good vacation spots for both relaxing and partying?

Not too far from california though =/ i don't want to go to far but ah oh well any ideas would be great!? thats not too pricey either. I'm turning 21 and can only think of Vegas! OOOh Also forgot to add: that is SAFE because its gna be just me and my girls. … [Read more...]