why are most of the best vacation spots always tropical because they have miscetos and beach bugs

what makes it so great … [Read more...]

Looking for a great, quiet Family Beach Vacation spot in NC or SC, for relaxation!?

The best Gossip Magazine Online www.gossipmagazineonline.com The best travel site Great Vacation Spots www.greatvacationspots.net 2 adults, 3 children ages 2, 4, and 6 Looking for a quiet, uncrowded beach, with affordable renting oceanfront or close. Laid back people, not a ritzy area. Within about 30 minutes to an area for day trips, like, aquarium or something in case of bad weather. or mini golf, etc. Basically looking to play on the beach for a week, don't need lots of extras, no boardwalk, etc.... looking for a wide beach with lots of room for nice walks. we're not golfers. Right now leaning towards either Folly SC or Topsail NC Any preference on these two or other suggestions would be VERY MUCH appreciated!!! bonuses would be a gentle surf and low on jelly … [Read more...]

Cheap vacation spots that include a warm beach and a hotel room with a jacuzzi!?

The best Gossip Magazine Online www.gossipmagazineonline.com The best travel site Great Vacation Spots www.greatvacationspots.net Personal experience anyone? Anyone been on vacation with a boyfriend or girlfriend and had a great time? Not spending over $1000? with a jacuzzi in the hotel room?? Tell me about your vacation :) I need a vacation!! … [Read more...]

Read Details please! :)Where is a great beach vacation spot?

I am wanting to go to the beach with my family for my high school graduation trip. I will probably be taking about 10 or 11 of my family members not including me. So we would need a condominium to stay in. I would also like for it to be a nice atmostphere. Not a lot of crazy party areas where you see condoms everywhere. Anyway, I would just like some people's opinions. :) Thank you. I live in NC. So anywhere from NC to Florida. That's as far as we can travel. Thanks! :) … [Read more...]

What are some good beach vacation spots on the eastern coast?

We want to plan a little vacation and we're not sure where to go. We already know about all the main ones (Outerbanks, Virginia Beach, Ocean City, Myrtle Beach, and of course the main beach cities in Florida).. but are there any other really nice beach towns that aren't perhaps as highly visited? We're trying to watch our budget as well and if you can offer any accomodation suggestions that would be great! … [Read more...]

whats a great vacation spot for group of girls in their 20’s. great night life/ beach, yet not too expensive?

I keep hearing about Cancun or Cabo San Lucas Mexico.. Is that the only fun, partying place to go? If i choose some where else will it be the same cost as mexico? (so will it be worth just going to mex. instead) Also, we might go in the summer instead of spring break to save up some more money. We are lookin for all-inclusive. (does that have airfare included as well??) … [Read more...]

What’s a great family vacation spot? Preferably with a beach.?

I have a 5 year old and she loves the beach. Where's a great place to go that's not too expensive? It will be sometime in March and I want to avoid the teenage and young adult spring break crowd. … [Read more...]

Looking for a great beach vacation spot?

We are 50s and there are going to be many things to celebrate in march. We want a beach vacation in the Caribbean. I like beach, boyfriend likes casinos, both like to drink but not really into partying with lots of people. Love really good food, much privacy for room. want to keep costs down. Any great ideas will gratefully be appreciated. … [Read more...]

Great vacation spot with access to a beach in Texas?

We want to plan a vacation for July to Texas with our 5 kids, ages 6 months to 7 years old, for about a week. What is the best town to stay in that has a beach? … [Read more...]

Staying At The Virginia Beach On Your Vacation

Virginia Beach is a legendary summer vacation spot for kids and adults alike. Given the popularity, there are plenty of places to stay for all ages and interests. ¬†Places To Stay At Virginia Beach On Your VacationVirginia Beach is a friendly beach community situated on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in southeast Virginia. This vacation spot is home to many Spring Break college vacationers, and in the summer is a great place to take your family for a beach getaway. There are many different types of lodgings to choose from when staying in the Virginia Beach area. Picking the right one can make sure that your vacation turns out just the way you wanted. ¬†One of the Virginia Beach vacation accommodations considered especially great is the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center. … [Read more...]