Places to vacation near D.C. area?

I need a list of some great weekend vacation spots near the Washington D.C. area, preferably within a 4 hour radius. Thanks! =) … [Read more...]

im looking to plan our famalies next trip…what are some places in the U.S. that are good vacation spots?

Please give me a list of your top 3 vacation spots to go to. this can be for family, or for just adults. Please tell me the city and state, as well as what makes the place so great. Im just trying to generate some ideas for a trip. Thanks guys! … [Read more...]

great places for vacation?

i'm going to be 18 and i want to go south somewhere with beaches and girls with a bunch of my friends. everywhere i search for idea's it always says vacation spots for the family. any great party places?? … [Read more...]

Great Places to vacation in Austin

With gas prices and a failing economy, families are not able to travel across the country to vacation as much as they used to.  Instead of driving to Walt Disney World, why not try vacationing in our own backyard, Austin style. Austin and the surrounding area has many wonderful, family oriented vacations spots.  Zilker Park is one of them.  The park is located at 2100 Barton Springs Road and is in the heart of Austin.  The park has many things to enjoy.  The Botanical Gardens in Barton Hills is a great place to start.  The garden has many varieties of flowers and ponds.  They have also recreated a dinosaur habitat.  The park also offers plenty of slides, swings and even its very own miniature train, The Zilker Zephyr.  It winds through the park taking its riders through the 30 acre park.  … [Read more...]

The Best Places To Go For A Low Budget Vacation

With the economy on a downturn, people are looking for increasingly cheap ways to plan vacations. However, this is not as impossible as it sounds as there are many places that offer cheap alternatives to exotic vacations. In this article we shall discuss a few ways of reducing costs during your next vacation as well as some places where you can go to enjoy cheap vacations.   The first way to cut costs on any vacation is to remove the cost of a hotel. You can do this by either staying with friends or family, or even asking around and finding out if someone has a cabin or house you can borrow for a short vacation.   A lot of people have vacation homes or extra houses that they do not use, and if you know someone very well they may be willing to give this to you free of cost for a weekend. … [Read more...]

10 Great Places To Pan For Gold

When thinking about great locations to take a vacation, places to pan for gold rarely come to mind.  Great vacation spots always seem to be associated with the Caribbean Cruise, long sandy beaches, and Disneyland, do they not? Okay, I admit, the aforementioned places are really great for having family fun and relaxation. But what you may not realize is that one of the most truly exciting hobbies in the world is the age old search for gold! The country is so blessed with abundant mineral resources and gold is one of them. Panning for gold could be a good recreation for the family. If the children are fascinated with the great California Gold Rush of the great California Gold Rush of 1849, it may not be a bad concept also have this type rush. During the year 1849, the streams and streams of … [Read more...]

Vacation Ideas – 5 Great Places to Visit in Texas

Are you looking for some great vacation ideas? Consider a trip to the Lone Star State for your next family vacation. Texas covers a huge area and includes many different types of terrain. From major cities to mountains, magnificent beaches, hills, deserts and forests, Texas has much to offer. There are so many things to see and do that it is hard to choose, but here are some great vacation ideas that are definitely worth considering for your next trip.Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park covers a vast area in Southwestern Texas. It includes mountains, desert, and rivers. In just a short distance one can travel from the banks of the Rio Grande River to Emory Peak with an elevation of 7825 feet. Camping and hiking are very popular at Big Bend. Single or multi-day float trips … [Read more...]

Vacation Ideas – 5 Great Places to Visit in Southern California

Are you looking for some great vacation ideas? Consider a trip to Southern California for your next family vacation. While Southern California covers a large area, and there are many fun things to do, here are some great vacation ideas that are definitely worth considering for your next trip. The first three that I have listed are for those who love beautiful scenery, and enjoy outdoor activities. Big Bear Lake offers beautiful mountain scenery, while Santa Catalina Island and Pismo Beach treat visitors to some of Southern California's finest beaches. Now, here is some information on each of these areas to wet your vacation appetite.Big Bear Lake Big Bear Lake, California is a four seasons resort community surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest. It is approximately 80 … [Read more...]