I need help with a Mexico or Caribbean vacation?

I'm planning a vacation with my 2 boys 9 and 12 i would like to go to a fun and safe place that has kids activites and all inclusive but not to sure where to go can someone help us out … [Read more...]

Any vacation spots where you do not need a car???

My boyfriend and I are looking to go on vacation any where from late September to mid/late October; however, we're trying to find a place where we won't have to rent a car. We're from Boston and we're trying to get out of the New England region for a week or so... We like to stay pretty busy, so some place with a lot of things to do would be great. Any suggestions would be helpful!! Thanks!!! … [Read more...]

VACATION dilemma!!!! need help fast!!?

The best Gossip Magazine Online www.gossipmagazineonline.com The best travel site Great Vacation Spots www.greatvacationspots.net me and my family want to go on a wonderful and cheap vacation! but...there's so many places! and our budget is around $750-$950 a week to stay somewhere. we will drive there also. So is there ANYWHERE on the eastern coast that is somewhat up north (we live in Ohio and gas is expensive as you may know). We want to stay in either a hotel, cottage, or resort that is super close to the beach! maybe even on the beach?! Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Deleware are definate possibliaties!!! so please! any ideas?--A great vacation spot right on the ocean!? THANKS SO MUCH!!! :) … [Read more...]

In need of U.S. vacation ideas?

Can you name a few great vacation spots for a couple. I live in MN but it doesn't have to be close, just in the US. (we are planning on driving). possibly low cost We like to hike and be outside but I would like to have lodging near by for the nights. Don't really want to go somewhere real tropical though (not Florida, Hawaii or islands) Thanks a ton. … [Read more...]

Need help finding a great family vacation spot….?

We are thinking about going to sea world in san antonio or moody gardens in galveston. Just trying to figure out which one is well worth the money,time & travel...so any advice would be helpfull... … [Read more...]

Need a vacation spot for my family, no amusement parks!!?

I live in Houston, TX and want to drive my family to a great vacation spot. I have 1 year old twins, a 16 year old son who loves the outdoors and my husband and I. We will be traveling in an RV loaded with toys and gear for the babies I am sure. The guys like fresh water fishing. We also like bike riding, hiking and generally poking around new places. I am just hoping to have fun on vacation with 2 toddlers! We need to go to Connecticut for business in July, but my husband thinks it would take to long to drive and eat into to man of our days off. We are anticipating lots of stops!! Any ideas? We have about 3 weeks to spend on this vacation. … [Read more...]

I need a great vacation spot in New England?

I live in Connecticut. My boyfriend and I want to take a trip to somewhere in New England in the month of October. We need a relaxing place so we won't be hiking or anything like that. We want to site see and just have a nice weekend. I've looked at a lot of peoples questions about vacationing in New England and I don't want to go to Cape Cod. I just want to relax in a nice resort ( that's kind of inexpensive) with an indoor pool, plenty of stores around, shopping.... If you can give me a bunch of ideas I'd appreciate it. Also, since that's around halloween time I'd like to do some Octoberfest things or scary attractions. Not six flags or anything in CT or Salem MA. Thank you … [Read more...]

I need suggestions for a great family vacation spot!!?

i've been to disney already … [Read more...]

Need a Great Vacation spot on West Coast…PLEASE HELP!!!!?

My girlfriend and I try to go on a vacation every year to a new spot. Two years ago she was pregnant we decided to go to the AZ. and did the train ride up to the Grand Canyon then drove to Hoover Dam and then followed to Vegas. Last year we had our little boy and decided to go to S.F. which was fun and easy with all the attractions. This year I'm stuck without any ideas. Would like to stay on West Coast, was looking at New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado but have no idea what to do there. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. "No ski resorts or theme parks the kid is too young for that" … [Read more...]

Need ideas for a great vacation spot!?

My boyfriend and I are going on our first vacation together in January. This will be my first vacation ever, he's been on several. I'm so excited and I want to do everything! I've been searching like crazy online, so I thought I'd try asking on Yahoo Answers. These are some of the things we want on the vacation: * Beaches and snorkling (somewhere warm in January) * Zip-lining!! * All-inclusive resort * Rain Forest to hike through * More relaxing, not so much of a party town (although we'd like to be kind of close to party spots, so we can go if we feel like it) * Waterfalls we can swim by or under * Horseback riding, parasailing, swim with dolphins, jet skiing * Somewhat affordable If you know of any spots that have all or most of these, please help. I know we're trying to get … [Read more...]