where is a great multi cultural place to vacation? usa?

I love to travel and i do it with my family (husband & 2 kids) at least 4 times per year. we are a black middle class family. i usually like to choose moerate-luxury resorts.NO MoTELS! I would like to go to a nice vacation spot that is ethnically diverse. i am asking this because we usually end of making up the 1% of black people at a resort. sometimes i care, sometimes i dont. and the only reason i do care is b/c white people stare at us like they have never seen blacks before or give us the "why are you here" look, or the "im just gonna ignore you b/c you dont exist" look. so i guess i am looking for a either a mixed vacation area or a "black friendly" place. btw- i have already been to disney many times and i know the islands are usually great. but i would love to be able to stay in … [Read more...]

What is an AMAZING place to go scuba diving for beginners? (with a ok price)?

I am looking for a GREAT vacation spot with a plethora of marine animals. Any suggestions? … [Read more...]

Where is your favorite vacation place?

Please tell me only about the places you have been. I want to find a great spot for a family vacation. Would like to know the top three reason's why you liked it and if you would go back. Any place but Florida. We use to live there and that is where the in-laws are. I do not have anything against them. Would like to try a new place. Something different then the beaches and theme parks. We like to be outdoors. I have a 7 and 3 year old if that helps. Thanks for all the answers so far. They have been great and will look into some of them. … [Read more...]

Where is the best place to travel to for ringing in the New Year?

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Best Place for Vacation in US?

Does anyone know of a great vacation spot in the USA? I live in Ohio and mostly go to FL, need somewhere else to go. We like to go fishing, so somewhere we can fish would be best. … [Read more...]

Most Exciting place you’ve ever been? Vacation ideas.?

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Great place to vacation with toddler?

My husband and I are planning a family vacation for this spring/early summer and aren't quite sure where we want to go. We go to Florida every August to visit family and would like to see something different. Do you know of any good vacation spots that that have a lot of things to do that you can include your toddler in? My son is 16 months and will be 20/21 months when we plan on going. Thank you in advance! Adrian- thank you for the suggestion, I guess I should have mentioned that I live in South Texas LOL … [Read more...]

anyone know a great place in california to vacation for cheap?

my birthday is coming up and i want to get out of town. We dont have much money but i wanna be gone a good 3 days. anyone know some great spots that are cheap. i have about 300 dollars to spend. … [Read more...]

Eastern Shore Vacation … Can anyone recommend a family friendly place in the Easter shore for a vacation?

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Where would be a good place to go with my boyfriend on a vacation?

I'm trying to find a great vacation spot that is romantic and fun. I was thinking the Caribbean or something along those lines. Maybe a resort like the Hyatt. Somewhere out of the states but not too far. … [Read more...]