Cheap vacation spots that include a warm beach and a hotel room with a jacuzzi!?

The best Gossip Magazine Online The best travel site Great Vacation Spots Personal experience anyone? Anyone been on vacation with a boyfriend or girlfriend and had a great time? Not spending over $1000? with a jacuzzi in the hotel room?? Tell me about your vacation :) I need a vacation!! … [Read more...]

Where is a great, cheap tropical vacation spot?

I am looking to take my boyfriend on some sort of tropical vacation this summer for 4 days or so. He has never been anywhere outside of the continental US before, so I think somewhere like Bermuda may be really fun (though I have heard it is pricey there). However, I am not made of money and do not have loads to spend. I’d also like somewhere close to the US (I live in Maryland) so we wouldn’t waste too much time flying. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I’d love somewhere all-inclusive, but so far the ones I have looked at, like Sandals, are a bit pricey. Thanks so much!! … [Read more...]

What are some cheap Asia vacation spots?

Most detailed answer would be greatly appreciated. If you could tell me the costs of food, hotels, sight seeing and a little clubbing that would be great. I don't want to nor can I spend a lot of money but I really need to get away. :( … [Read more...]

anyone know a great place in california to vacation for cheap?

my birthday is coming up and i want to get out of town. We dont have much money but i wanna be gone a good 3 days. anyone know some great spots that are cheap. i have about 300 dollars to spend. … [Read more...]

whats a great vacation spot that is cheap?

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Where is a great cheap vacation spot thats Hot Sunny and that has things to do?

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Where is a great, relatively cheap vacation spot on the ocean?

We are trying to plan a vacation but we don't know where to go. We would love to go somewhere by the beach but can't afford anything crazy expensive. Thanks! Yeah, it is pretty vague. Oops. We are hoping to stay in the US, or maybe Mexico or a Caribbean Island. Nothing too far, like Australia (although I would LOVE to). We were hoping to road trip it, unless we could find really cheap airfare. … [Read more...]

Cheap, Great, Vacation Spots/Places, for Large Familys…?

Ok, so I (including counsins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents) live in a family of 18-20 people (depending on if my bro and sis will be back from the Navy and friend vacation). Anyway, this large family always go on a 5day-7day vacation somewhere. This year, Tennessee, last year, Schliterbahn, last last year, Colorado. We want really cheap, but really fun! Not really like mountains and all, maybe beach, shopping, or just to chill. But I want your opinion on what would be good for us... -we have no children under 13 -oldest is 80 -lots of teens -more girls then guys, but about 9 of each -we all get together well -We all live really close to Dallas TX -we are not "rich" and we would REALLY prefer cheap...(like $5,000 in all...also meaning that all 19 of us will spend about 5,000 in … [Read more...]

Cheap Cancun Vacation Packages Up For Grabs

Cheap Cancun vacations packages are up for grabs especially during the lean months of the year. There are several options for your hotel stays during vacation there. You can search the Internet for cheap Cancun vacations packages and for sure, you will find one that suites your budget and taste.  Most of the packages in Cancun are all-inclusive meaning you would have to pay only for a flat rate and it already includes meals and activities that you can do during your stay. The Gran Melia Cancun Beach and Spa Resort offers several options for your stay wherein you can choose to either have a room only, room with meal or all-inclusive rate starting at US$169 per night. This way, you get to stay in a beautiful resort and not worry about your budget. For all-inclusive resorts, you can try the … [Read more...]

Cheap Vacation Packages Tips On Finding A Bargain

The best options for inexpensive travel - cheap vacation packages If you’re a chronic sufferer of the traveler’s itch, the odds are that you’re spending quite a packet on vacations. If you end up travelling at least once a year, a cheap vacation package may be just the thing for you. These days, more and more travel agencies are beginning to provide cheap vacation packages. These packages are usually available for the most common tourist destinations chosen by people from the city of departure. For example, Hawaii for Americans, or Paris for Europeans would be ideal places to create cheap vacation packages for. The sheer number of people opting for them compensates for any losses incurred by the companies due to their discounts, giving a net benefit for everyone involved. Vacation packages … [Read more...]