Looking for a great end of the year Vacation Spot, any suggestions?

I want to go on my first real vacation. Meaning not traveling to a wedding or for the holidays but going someplace just to relax and enjoy myself. With that said, I'll probably end up going by myself. I asked a friend to come with me but you never know if someone is serious or going to back out. I'd like to find someplace interesting and beautiful. In or out of the country but I only with have at most $1500 to spend. I thought of the Dominican Republic and Belize. In the states, Alaska and Maine. I don't want to go to Cancun or Daytona Beach or somewhere lame like that where everyone else goes and drinks and clubs it up. I like adventure and serenity and yes, at night I want to get drunk and meet people ;) Please help... Yeah, not staying home. That's the point of a vacation retard. … [Read more...]

Looking for a great, quiet Family Beach Vacation spot in NC or SC, for relaxation!?

The best Gossip Magazine Online www.gossipmagazineonline.com The best travel site Great Vacation Spots www.greatvacationspots.net 2 adults, 3 children ages 2, 4, and 6 Looking for a quiet, uncrowded beach, with affordable renting oceanfront or close. Laid back people, not a ritzy area. Within about 30 minutes to an area for day trips, like, aquarium or something in case of bad weather. or mini golf, etc. Basically looking to play on the beach for a week, don't need lots of extras, no boardwalk, etc.... looking for a wide beach with lots of room for nice walks. we're not golfers. Right now leaning towards either Folly SC or Topsail NC Any preference on these two or other suggestions would be VERY MUCH appreciated!!! bonuses would be a gentle surf and low on jelly … [Read more...]

im looking to plan our famalies next trip…what are some places in the U.S. that are good vacation spots?

Please give me a list of your top 3 vacation spots to go to. this can be for family, or for just adults. Please tell me the city and state, as well as what makes the place so great. Im just trying to generate some ideas for a trip. Thanks guys! … [Read more...]

Looking for a great vacation?

I am looking for a vacation spot somewhere tropical and fairly low key, I would like to avoid the overload of a tourist area as much as I can. I am debating on some sort of all inclusive resort, I dont know, Im open to different ideas? … [Read more...]

Looking for a Great Scenic Vacation Spot.?

im trying to decide where to take a vacation next year. and i figured ide ask for suggestions. im not a big fan of beaches, woods, or cities. i really love open, and vast areas of scenery. i really enjoy the seclusion of deserts. so maybe any really scenic, or even secluded erie feeling desert areas. Or possibly even mountains, or plains. ive drove from denver all the way to page arizona along I-70 and US 191 and really enjoyed it. any suggestions would be appreciated. … [Read more...]

Looking for a great 3 to 4 day vacation spot on the east coast…. Any sugestions?

I am located in NC..... would love cheap suggestions for a relaxing vacation for a husband and wife. … [Read more...]

Looking for a great vacation spot in Arizona or nearby?

My husband and I having been having alot of arguements and haven't been getting along all that well. Married for 4 years. Have two beautiful boys, ages 3 and 1. We have decided to work on it! We love eachother but can't seem to agree on anything or get along. So, we though it would be nice to get away for a couple days 2 to 3 days most. We live in Arizona, but are having a problem picking out a nice place to go and relax and just spend with eachother ALONE (without kids). Does anyone know anywhere in Arizona or a nearby state that would be ideal for a young couple to vacation (due to our issue)? We want it state or nearby for the sake of the kids. We love our boys and don't like to be too far or away for so long.Thanks in advance. … [Read more...]

looking for a great summer vacation spot…any suggestion?

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I’m looking for a great vacation spot for December ?

My boyfriend and I are trying to plan a trip. I'm 17, he's 18. We were thinking a cruise but you need an adult 21+ to accompany you. Then we thought about flying somewhere, but when we get there we might have trouble renting a car since in most places you have to be 21 to do that. We just want to get away, have some fun, and not spend way to much money. We're willing to spend, but not thousands, lol. Help US PLEASEEEEE ! Any ideas, suggestions, anything will help! … [Read more...]

Looking for a great beach vacation spot?

We are 50s and there are going to be many things to celebrate in march. We want a beach vacation in the Caribbean. I like beach, boyfriend likes casinos, both like to drink but not really into partying with lots of people. Love really good food, much privacy for room. want to keep costs down. Any great ideas will gratefully be appreciated. … [Read more...]