Can anyone reccomend a good vacation spot for my 1st anniversary?

My husband and I are celebrating our 1st Anniversary in May. We want to go on a 2-3 night vacation, for as little money as possible. We are on a tight budget. I would prefer something in the southeast (NC, SC, FL, TN, GA, VA, etc.) … [Read more...]

Where do you think is the best travel spot for vacation?

I am taking a vacation with my boyfriend and i need to find a romanitc place to take him. … [Read more...]

What is your favorite vacation spot? What sets it apart from others ?

My favorite vacation spot is Punta Del Este, Uruguay (South America). Some of the best landscape and beaches in the world (off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean). Beautiful women everywhere; great restaurants, you can walk around anywhere while drinking alcohol, great nightlife, elegant and luxurious etc. The best place in the world! … [Read more...]

Can anyone help me look for a good vacation spot in the united states?

My husband and I are looking for a nice, romantic, and preferably by the ocean vacation spot in the united states. Any suggestions would be nice and your experience there would be great too. Thanks Reason we want to stay in the States is because we dont want to get a passport. … [Read more...]

What is a good vacation spot with attractions both in and our doors?

I live in Wichita Kansas...and was looking for a spot to take a week vacation. If possible, I would want it to be possibly within 15 hrs that way we can get their in a day...possibly less then 15 hrs would be great. And dont say Branson MO, because we have been their enough and would like something different...possibly something different then Memphis and Nashville to...but anywhere else you could think within 15 or so hrs would be great. … [Read more...]

Looking for a great end of the year Vacation Spot, any suggestions?

I want to go on my first real vacation. Meaning not traveling to a wedding or for the holidays but going someplace just to relax and enjoy myself. With that said, I'll probably end up going by myself. I asked a friend to come with me but you never know if someone is serious or going to back out. I'd like to find someplace interesting and beautiful. In or out of the country but I only with have at most $1500 to spend. I thought of the Dominican Republic and Belize. In the states, Alaska and Maine. I don't want to go to Cancun or Daytona Beach or somewhere lame like that where everyone else goes and drinks and clubs it up. I like adventure and serenity and yes, at night I want to get drunk and meet people ;) Please help... Yeah, not staying home. That's the point of a vacation retard. … [Read more...]

Your favorite vacation spot in Canada and why? (what was so great about it?)?

Details on places to go, things to see would be appreciated (If you know costs of certain things, throw those in too!) … [Read more...]

Where is a good vacation spot in Central American, North South America, or Carribean?

The best Gossip Magazine Online The best travel site Great Vacation Spots Hi, I live in Minnesota and I'm looking for suggestions on vacation spots in Central American, North South America, or Caribbean? I don't really want to fly further than these areas. I will be traveling with my family so nothing overly adventurous like camping in the wild. Just someplace warm, nice, with interesting things to do. We went to Belize last year and that was nice. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks. … [Read more...]

Looking for a great, quiet Family Beach Vacation spot in NC or SC, for relaxation!?

The best Gossip Magazine Online The best travel site Great Vacation Spots 2 adults, 3 children ages 2, 4, and 6 Looking for a quiet, uncrowded beach, with affordable renting oceanfront or close. Laid back people, not a ritzy area. Within about 30 minutes to an area for day trips, like, aquarium or something in case of bad weather. or mini golf, etc. Basically looking to play on the beach for a week, don't need lots of extras, no boardwalk, etc.... looking for a wide beach with lots of room for nice walks. we're not golfers. Right now leaning towards either Folly SC or Topsail NC Any preference on these two or other suggestions would be VERY MUCH appreciated!!! bonuses would be a gentle surf and low on jelly … [Read more...]

What is the best vacation spot in Hawaii for a one week get-away?

The best Gossip Magazine Online The best travel site Great Vacation Spots I need to know the best vacation spots in Hawaii because I'm planning to go there with my hubby. Do you have any ideas that would be perfect for a one-week vacation? I hope that you could give me some of the cheapest places there. If you could also tell me of the possible fees needed for our stay that would be great. Thanks. … [Read more...]