Great Family Of 4 Vacation Ideas?

We Have An 9yr old A 12 year old and 2 more adults and we want a vacation spot with Amusement Parks, Dinner Show, Beach or Snow in the summer! Can You Help? … [Read more...]

So I want to plan a family trip to Egypt?

omg i heard egypt was a great vacation spot how do i plan a trip there?? omg thank for your help!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH ill admit it. im a troll. … [Read more...]

Looking for a great, quiet Family Beach Vacation spot in NC or SC, for relaxation!?

The best Gossip Magazine Online The best travel site Great Vacation Spots 2 adults, 3 children ages 2, 4, and 6 Looking for a quiet, uncrowded beach, with affordable renting oceanfront or close. Laid back people, not a ritzy area. Within about 30 minutes to an area for day trips, like, aquarium or something in case of bad weather. or mini golf, etc. Basically looking to play on the beach for a week, don't need lots of extras, no boardwalk, etc.... looking for a wide beach with lots of room for nice walks. we're not golfers. Right now leaning towards either Folly SC or Topsail NC Any preference on these two or other suggestions would be VERY MUCH appreciated!!! bonuses would be a gentle surf and low on jelly … [Read more...]

Do you think kids have too much of a role in family decisions?

The best Gossip Magazine Online The best travel site Great Vacation Spots Obviously, kids should have a say in some family decisions.I mean, the kids still have to ride in the back of the car which their parents decide to buy. They have to mow the lawn with the crappy mower that Dad decides is a great deal. And they have to go to the same place parents think is a great vacation spot. What do you think? Do you think kids have too much of a role in family decisions? … [Read more...]

Great relaxing family vacation spot in February with warm weather?

The best Gossip Magazine Online The best travel site Great Vacation Spots My wife and baby daughter and I need a week away, sometime in mid to late February. I want somewhere low hassle (since we have a 10 month old and my wife is pregnant (2nd trimester so it's safe to fly). So no 15 hour flights or remote locations that have to be gotten to in lengthy or awkward ways. I also want somewhere warm & tropical with either a beach and/or pool. I also don't want to be around thousands of other tourists, and I don't want to spend a fortune. Maybe a simple island with cottages, but one that has a large airport nearby? Any ideas? We have passports (for us, not the baby). Thanks! … [Read more...]

Need help finding a great family vacation spot….?

We are thinking about going to sea world in san antonio or moody gardens in galveston. Just trying to figure out which one is well worth the money,time & any advice would be helpfull... … [Read more...]

Need a vacation spot for my family, no amusement parks!!?

I live in Houston, TX and want to drive my family to a great vacation spot. I have 1 year old twins, a 16 year old son who loves the outdoors and my husband and I. We will be traveling in an RV loaded with toys and gear for the babies I am sure. The guys like fresh water fishing. We also like bike riding, hiking and generally poking around new places. I am just hoping to have fun on vacation with 2 toddlers! We need to go to Connecticut for business in July, but my husband thinks it would take to long to drive and eat into to man of our days off. We are anticipating lots of stops!! Any ideas? We have about 3 weeks to spend on this vacation. … [Read more...]

What is a great fun vacation spot for the family?

Me and my family ( inlcuding a 2 year old ) will be going on vacation sometime after christmas, but we are undecided on where to go. We are in the South Carolina area. We live only and hour away from Myrtle Beach SC and about 3 hours from The TN Smokey Mtns, but we have been to those places several times. We was thinking about Florida, but Disney World is out the question, because we really don't have that much money to spend, plus we have a small child, and my wife will be about 7months pregnant. What is a really great place to go to, we would like some where warm. And no more than 15hours away from South Carolina, because our small child. What are some good places at Florida, nice beaches, any dolphins? Great recenable priced hotels? What are some other good places other then Florida? … [Read more...]

Where is a great vacation spot for a family with two teenagers?

I'd like to go somewhere with my family that would be fun for everyone: It's my parents and my 18 year old brother. I'd like a place located in Central/South America, and it would need a bunch of amazing sites that we could visit- like places with scuba diving, scenic views and exciting things to do. We don't just want to lie out on a beach the whole time. Any places come to mind? … [Read more...]

Where is a great family vacation spot for 2 teen girls, a dad and mom

where is somewhere good that is not far from NY...about 3, 4, 5 hour drive?... we like history and all that kinds of stuff thankyou! … [Read more...]