What is the best adults only all inclusive resort for partying?

My husband and I are trying to plan a vacation with about 5 other couples. We have stayed at a Sandals Resort before and it was very low key and relaxing. That is not the type of trip we are wanting this time. We are wanting to find an all inclusive that is more on the partying side. Something that doesn't shut down at midnight. We live in Florida so caribbean or mexico is probably going to be the cheapest flight prices. Thanks for your help. … [Read more...]

What are some good vacation spots for both relaxing and partying?

Not too far from california though =/ i don't want to go to far but ah oh well any ideas would be great!? thats not too pricey either. I'm turning 21 and can only think of Vegas! OOOh Also forgot to add: that is SAFE because its gna be just me and my girls. … [Read more...]