What is the “good” section of Cleveland to stay in for tourists?

I'm looking for a reasonably priced hotel in a nice part of Cleveland and have never been there. I just do not know much about the city. We are planning a vacation this year and would like to know where in town to stay. … [Read more...]

Can anyone reccomend a good vacation spot for my 1st anniversary?

My husband and I are celebrating our 1st Anniversary in May. We want to go on a 2-3 night vacation, for as little money as possible. We are on a tight budget. I would prefer something in the southeast (NC, SC, FL, TN, GA, VA, etc.) … [Read more...]

Can anyone help me look for a good vacation spot in the united states?

My husband and I are looking for a nice, romantic, and preferably by the ocean vacation spot in the united states. Any suggestions would be nice and your experience there would be great too. Thanks Reason we want to stay in the States is because we dont want to get a passport. … [Read more...]

What is a good vacation spot with attractions both in and our doors?

I live in Wichita Kansas...and was looking for a spot to take a week vacation. If possible, I would want it to be possibly within 15 hrs that way we can get their in a day...possibly less then 15 hrs would be great. And dont say Branson MO, because we have been their enough and would like something different...possibly something different then Memphis and Nashville to...but anywhere else you could think within 15 or so hrs would be great. … [Read more...]

Are there good vacation spots that cater to people specifically without children?

It seems like people take their kids EVERYWHERE, and even the tried and trusted vacation hotspots now brag that they are "family friendly". Are there ANY nice, romantic, getaway vacation spots left on earth that aren't being overrun by people who insist on bringing their kids EVERYWHERE with them, and selfishly ruining the vacation holiday experience for everyone else? I laughingly thought maybe Antartica or the Galapogas Islands or even the Great Pyramids... until someone directed me to a web site where people were complaining how many kids there were there too (and, because the little kids were bored and miserable, they were obnoxious and ruining it for everyone else). I mean, IT'S BECOMING WORSE THAN SECOND HAND SMOKE! And frankly, it's more annoying. Everywhere you go, people HAVE … [Read more...]

I think I want to visit Jamaica. Not sure where, when or what to do there if I go. Any good advice?

If not Jamaica any other great vacation spots with tropical weather and nice beaches would be appreciated. PS: Already visited Hawaii twice:-) Thanks!! All of you were a great help. After doing a bite of research Ocho Rios seems like the place for me:-) Thanks!! All of you were a great help. After doing a little research Ocho Rios seems like the place for me:-) … [Read more...]

Parents: what are some good vacation destinations in the NE when you have young children?

Say your kids are 1 and 3 and you live in the NE US. What are some good vacation spots that are within driving distance that are kid-friendly for those ages? We live within a reasonable proximity to Kalahari, Great Bear Lodge, and Cedar Point. We've been to CP many times without kids, but never to the other two. Looking for something to do next summer, hoping to spend the better part of one week away. Thanks for any and all suggestions.... … [Read more...]

Good midwest vacation spots??

My boyfriend and I are looking to drive somewhere for a few days but don't know where to go. We are from Chicago and don't want to drive more than 4 hours to get to our destination. What are some fun and nice vacation spots in the midwest? Preferably Michigan or Wisconsin. We would like something with a lot of outdoor activities and a great nightlife...such as bars or entertainment. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Good Vacation Spots?

I want to plan a really nice vacation. I usually travel a lot, maybe 5 times a year primarily to all inclusive resorts. Can anyone tell me of a great place to go on Vacation that is beautiful, has nice beaches, good food and entertainment. My last vacation was in the Dominican Republic and I hated it!!! … [Read more...]

Where is a good vacation spot in Central American, North South America, or Carribean?

The best Gossip Magazine Online www.gossipmagazineonline.com The best travel site Great Vacation Spots www.greatvacationspots.net Hi, I live in Minnesota and I'm looking for suggestions on vacation spots in Central American, North South America, or Caribbean? I don't really want to fly further than these areas. I will be traveling with my family so nothing overly adventurous like camping in the wild. Just someplace warm, nice, with interesting things to do. We went to Belize last year and that was nice. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks. … [Read more...]