What are some nice vacation spots in California?

Family of three. Were into national parks,historical sites,basically anything interesting. … [Read more...]

Vacation spots in Florida?

I'm planning a beach vacation for July or August of this year, for my friends and I. We want to rent a beach house or condo. We're considering going to Florida, but need some suggestions as to where. There will be about 15 of us, and most of us are ages 21-23, so we want to go somewhere that has a good nightlife. I know the obvious answers are going to be Miami/South Beach and Key West, and we're considering it, but that's just a farther drive. I've looked into Panama City Beach and Siesta Key Beach as well. But I know the busier seasons are the winter months and spring break, so if anyone can give some suggestions as to what a good spot would be for that time of year, that would be great! Thank you so much in advance! We also looked into Myrtle Beach. (Also, if anyone has suggestions for … [Read more...]

Best Vacation Spots ?

So, my family is planning a vacation but we still have yet to decide where... so if you have any great places you went to, please tell me about it. … [Read more...]

Are there good vacation spots that cater to people specifically without children?

It seems like people take their kids EVERYWHERE, and even the tried and trusted vacation hotspots now brag that they are "family friendly". Are there ANY nice, romantic, getaway vacation spots left on earth that aren't being overrun by people who insist on bringing their kids EVERYWHERE with them, and selfishly ruining the vacation holiday experience for everyone else? I laughingly thought maybe Antartica or the Galapogas Islands or even the Great Pyramids... until someone directed me to a web site where people were complaining how many kids there were there too (and, because the little kids were bored and miserable, they were obnoxious and ruining it for everyone else). I mean, IT'S BECOMING WORSE THAN SECOND HAND SMOKE! And frankly, it's more annoying. Everywhere you go, people HAVE … [Read more...]

why are most of the best vacation spots always tropical because they have miscetos and beach bugs

what makes it so great … [Read more...]

Good midwest vacation spots??

My boyfriend and I are looking to drive somewhere for a few days but don't know where to go. We are from Chicago and don't want to drive more than 4 hours to get to our destination. What are some fun and nice vacation spots in the midwest? Preferably Michigan or Wisconsin. We would like something with a lot of outdoor activities and a great nightlife...such as bars or entertainment. Thanks! … [Read more...]

Vacation spots in Maine, New Hampshire?

I am looking for a place to go for a one week vacation with my husband and 2 and a half year old girl this summer. We really like the idea of a cottage on a lake but we would also like to have somewhere to go indoors with a toddler if the weather is no good. Last year, it rained almost all week and we were in the middle of nowhere! Any links to a website would be great too. Thanks! … [Read more...]

honeymoon vacation spots?

I'm looking for great place to honeymoon. something that won't cost me a ton of money and somewhere we can relax and enjoy each others company but still have fun stuff to do. I want to get some sort of package. Does anyone know of any good ones? Where can I get one at? And of course how much does it cost? we will be traveling next year at the end of july or the beginning of august. we only want to be away for about 5 days. we are having a new baby in january and I don't think I will want to be away much longer than that. we like a lot of different things so it is hard to pick just one. I think maybe somewhere warm with nice weather. oh we live in illinois by st. louis it would be best if we could drive and then take a ship to the destination if that is possible. my honey hates flying. … [Read more...]

I’m going to San Diego in two days and i was hoping some locals could give me some great not so touristy spots

I don't want to spend my whole vacation walled up in some mass built resort there. any cool local spots to go hang out and have a couple of beers? any good restaurants or take away? cool things to do besides seaworld? … [Read more...]

Good Vacation Spots?

I want to plan a really nice vacation. I usually travel a lot, maybe 5 times a year primarily to all inclusive resorts. Can anyone tell me of a great place to go on Vacation that is beautiful, has nice beaches, good food and entertainment. My last vacation was in the Dominican Republic and I hated it!!! … [Read more...]