I need help with a Mexico or Caribbean vacation?

I'm planning a vacation with my 2 boys 9 and 12 i would like to go to a fun and safe place that has kids activites and all inclusive but not to sure where to go can someone help us out … [Read more...]

Carnival Cruise Package

Spending some quality time away from your normal life can easily be achieved by taking a cruise. This can lead to new adventures, plenty of relaxation, and the fun time you deserve. It doesn't matter if you have never gone on a cruise or if you go all the time, this is a great way to travel and Carnival cruises offers many destinations for you to choose from. Many cruises to the warmer weather areas will book up fast and will be full. If you plan to travel in March or even sometimes in April, you need to book your cruise well in advance to ensure you get a spot. This will help to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your cabin and out of your trip. However, if you don't want to travel at this time you can find one of the best cruise deals by booking for a different type of … [Read more...]

Top 10 Beaches in the Caribbean

caribbean beach

A holiday to the Caribbean offers you the chance to visit some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Virtually every island of the Caribbean will have beaches that amaze; with crystal clear blue seas, sugar white sand & palm trees. To help you choose where to go and more importantly what beach to choose, we have compiled a list of the top 10 beaches in the Caribbean. 1. Palm Beach (Aruba) – Idyllic beach setting with superb white sand. 2. Grand Anse Beach (Grenada) – 3km beach with sugar-white sand, lots of space & shallow waters. 3. Johnson's Point (Antigua) – Made up of secluded coves; these white soft sand beaches are a must for snorkeling & swimming 4. Pink Sand Beach ( Bahamas) – One of the world's most photographed beaches, often voted world's best … [Read more...]

Best country to vacation in? (caribbean)?

There are so many great vacation spots out there..which have you found to be the best? I was hoping for answers leading towards the Caribbean =) … [Read more...]

Caribbean Cruise Line

The Caribbean has long been a popular destination for American travelers. Cherished for its scenery and family-friendly atmosphere, the Caribbean is among the safest travel destinations for millions of American tourists each year. But, like anywhere else in the world, a few travelers at times encounter travel headaches. More often than not, these travel difficulties are actually the result of poor planning by tourists. For this reason , the key to a fantastic Caribbean vacation is getting ready , from passports and deciding on the right location to learning significant facts about your destination and knowing how to pack. For you to make sure that your Caribbean vacation is a success, here are a number of travel suggestions to take into account while preparing your getaway: Submit … [Read more...]

All-Inclusive Caribbean Resorts

If you want the best all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort, then you ought to look for more than just room with sun, sea, and sand. Hey, it's not called all-inclusive for nothing you know. You want your all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort to have, if not everything, then at least, something really close. A buzz on the beach by day, a dining room open to the night air, water sports and other activities to go crazy on, a lounge deck within earshot of the waves for a relaxing afternoon, and a comfortable to retreat to - all that is available if you choose your all-inclusive travel Caribbean resort well. More and more people are pampering themselves at all-inclusive travel Caribbean resorts where everything they could ever want is right at their disposal. What's more, lots of these … [Read more...]

So You Want To Take A Vacation In The Caribbean

So you want to take a vacation in the Caribbean? You're reading this article because you want some help in making a decision about where in the Caribbean to go for your vacation? It is sensible to take some time over choosing your Caribbean Vacation Destination, because it may come as a surprise to you, that not all Caribbean island destinations are the same!! The Caribbean islands have a reputation for their beaches, but there is lots more, so if you are looking for more than just beaches for your vacation, there will be something here for you. Firstly let us look at how the various islands are different 1. The weather can be different on different Caribbean Islands. This is due to different things such as mountains, the trade winds, and even where the … [Read more...]

Research A Caribbean Vacation Package To Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an Island Nation in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea and is a less frequented spot for a Caribbean Vacation Package, despite several of its small islands being well known. Islands like Saint Vincent itself, Bequia, Mustique, Palm, Canouan, Carriacou, Petite Martinique, Union, all appear in many holiday brochures, but somehow The Grenadines remains unknown and somehow off the beaten track. Even for sailors for whom a visit to the Tobago Cays is an essential part of any Caribbean vacation, seem blissfully unaware of all Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has to offer its visitors. So welcome to the Islands of the Grenadines, where you will find water in many shades of blue and turquoise, always warm with more wide white sand beaches than … [Read more...]

Caribbean Vacation Packages For The Entire Family

Not just a destination for couples, Caribbean vacation packages can cater to entire families, with activities for every age group. The Caribbean is often portrayed in movies and books as arguably the ultimate resort destination for couples and retirees. The almost year-round good weather makes the islands ideal for rest and relaxation while on vacation. The same weather, however, is now beginning to appeal to eco-tourism groups who wish to enjoy the protected and untouched remote areas of the islands as well as the resorts. Much of Bonaire, for example, is part of the Washington-Slagbaai National Park, and the waters are within the boundaries of the STINAPA National Marine Park where the environment is protected. Families can enjoy the island's pristine waters and natural beauty through … [Read more...]

Caribbean, the World?s Wonderful Vacation Spot

If one is looking for the perfect getaway, one place always comes to mind – the Caribbean. Contrary to what most people think, the Caribbean is not a country, instead, it is composed of a group of island found in the Caribbean Sea. The east coast of Mexico also considered as a part of Caribbean especially Cancun, Cozumel and Mayan Riviera. The Caribbean has been named as one of the top destinations for family destinations particularly because it offers everything that a family vacation should have – sun, sand, water, friendly people and activities for different ages. The area is a favorite among tourists because it enjoys great weather the whole year round and provides a breath of fresh air for people who live in the colder areas, more commonly known as the “snow birds”.The Caribbean is … [Read more...]