What is the “good” section of Cleveland to stay in for tourists?

I'm looking for a reasonably priced hotel in a nice part of Cleveland and have never been there. I just do not know much about the city. We are planning a vacation this year and would like to know where in town to stay. … [Read more...]

Great Vacation Spot – France

France is one of most favorite holiday destinations in the world. It welcomes more than 82 million tourists every year from all over the world with open arms and love. The travelers choose to spend vacations in France due to its popular tourist spots like Eiffel Tower that alone drives in an overwhelming 6.2 million visitors each year. Besides, France travel vacations are very exciting because of its rich French culture, historical monuments, beaches, countryside tours, luxury French wine tours, gourmet culinary vacations and much more. Many travelers also choose gourmet culinary vacations when they plan for a travel in France. The French cuisine is rich in flavors & there is a lot of variety in foods. Fine dining in France is an amazing experience that anyone would not want to … [Read more...]

The Myrtle Beach vacation packages ? the popular choice for tourists

Myrtle Beach, the name itself conjures up a lot of images in the mind. Lush beaches, filled with hordes of tourists constitute the main image that is usually associated with this popular tourist destination. A lot of people from around the world come here every year to spend their vacation in a paradise like location.Earlier considered as a destination only reserved for the rich and famous, in the recent years, it emerged as a popular location for tourists looking for an affordable yet exotic holiday. One of the biggest developments that have made the area more accessible is the emergence of the various Myrtle Beach vacation packages. These packages have become very popular over the years.A simple search on the internet brings forth a lot of such holiday packages that specialize in … [Read more...]