Great place to vacation with toddler?

My husband and I are planning a family vacation for this spring/early summer and aren’t quite sure where we want to go. We go to Florida every August to visit family and would like to see something different. Do you know of any good vacation spots that that have a lot of things to do that you can include your toddler in? My son is 16 months and will be 20/21 months when we plan on going. Thank you in advance!
Adrian- thank you for the suggestion, I guess I should have mentioned that I live in South Texas LOL


  1. We go to Galveston, TX every summer. My kids are true beach bums. It’s great because they have very clean beaches and some even have playgrounds right on the beach. We also enjoy going to Moody Gardens (the big aquarium and IMAX theater). Recently they opened a Schlitterbahn Waterpark on the island, which my kids LOVED. Well worth the money.

    It’s very kid friendly down there. They have lots of fun restaurants like Rainforest Cafe and Joe’s Crab Shack.

    It’s a very convenient place to vacation because everything you need is pretty much right on one main road. Hotels, restaurants, stores. In case you forgot to pack something Walmart and other grocery stores are right by all the hotels…always a plus.

  2. We LOVED Boston! They have several zoos, intimate and walkable, they have exhibits that get you close to the animals, and even a petting zoo at Franklin zoo. Their Childrens Museum is the BEST I have ever been too… it’s incredible!!! Boston is clean and safe, the Charlestown neighborhood where we stayed had fabulous playgrounds, great eateries, and while it was adult, it was kid friendly and our boys (2 and 1, this past October) had a blast.

    I highly recommend getting a suite so everyone can get sleep — this was our biggest issue on vacation!!!

    Have fun, hope you find a great place to relax and unwind!

  3. What about Philadelphia, PA? That is a central location for a lot of activities. Here are just a few:

    -Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA; They have water and non water rides, parade, shows, etc. We took our daughter there a couple times last year and she was about 15 months and had so much fun. They have activities for kids of all ages; big pools and big kid rides, baby pools and baby play areas. It is so cute and fun to walk through and be a part of.

    -Hershey Park in Hershey, PA; another amusement park with great options. You can take a tour and learn how chocolate is made. They have a water park and regular amusement park. Plenty of shops, good food, rides, shows, etc. Definitely worth it and could make a couple days out of it there is so much to do!

    -Philadelphia, PA; There is so much history, so there is so much to see you can’t go wrong. They have tour buses and you can do it all in one day. Plenty of shopping, too.

    -Bus ride to D.C. or NYC; take Bolt bus, Megabus, or the China Bus for $20 or less to see the sights in these close cities. Make a daytrip out of it and still be back in PA to finish the fun. Philadelphia is so central it is easy to get to these places, and only takes about 2 hrs.

    -Jersey Shore; From PA, depending on which boardwalk you choose, the Jersey Shore is anywhere from 30 min. to 1.5 hrs. You can take a bus, as well. The boardwalk has a lot of good food, rides, the beach/ocean and shopping. Ocean City is my favorite and very family friendly.

    -Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA; Philly has the largest park system in the U.S. with a lot of activities. Fishing, hiking, picnics, sports activities, canoeing, and much more. Plus, it’s beautiful just to go out for a walk on Kelly Drive along the river and trees. There are supposed to be a bunch of exotic birds, so bring your binoculars.

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