Need a Great Vacation spot on West Coast…PLEASE HELP!!!!?

My girlfriend and I try to go on a vacation every year to a new spot. Two years ago she was pregnant we decided to go to the AZ. and did the train ride up to the Grand Canyon then drove to Hoover Dam and then followed to Vegas. Last year we had our little boy and decided to go to S.F. which was fun and easy with all the attractions. This year I’m stuck without any ideas. Would like to stay on West Coast, was looking at New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado but have no idea what to do there. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. “No ski resorts or theme parks the kid is too young for that”


  1. If you have passports you could go to Vancouver island or the islands around it. Victoria is a nice city with a number of interesting attractions (a castle built in the 1800s, old coastal defence fort, the downtown, marinas). The islands around are great for a more relaxed stay: cottages (to stay in), watching for sea life, hitchhiking, very few people (locals or tourists). The ferry ride across is expensive, so plan for that.

    Had I experienced more of the US West Coast than a day in Seattle, I might be able to give more suggestions.

  2. This is hard to suggest since I don’t know your interests. I am a native California but I lived in and traveled throughOregon for work for 13 years. Everything depends on your timing and your mode of transportation. Single drawback, the possiblity of rain no matter the time of year. If you drive and have three weeks You can have a fabulous trip. Starting in Sothern Oregon and going West from the city of Grants Pass. In Grants Pass, and this dates me, I ran into John Wayne and Olivia News-ton John. It’s the home of the casual rich who enjoy privacy and the solitude of some of the most beautiful country in the world. Take a boat ride along the Russian River. Go West young man and you will find the the tiny city of Cave Junction. It will have a great petting zoo for your kid and up into the mountains close to the City you can tour the Oregon Caves. Stay at the Lampligher Inn which is rustic with few amneities or go farther West to Coos Bay. There, stay at the Thunderbird Inn. Great food and a nice City to visit. Now going West you will finally reach the Coast and go North. These are the tings you will run into. The quaint tourist community of Depoe Bay. Nearby Salishan with a fantastic golf course and great upscale accomodations. Closeby, Lincoln City. Quain good food spots and right on the ocean. Farther North, Tillamook, OR., the nhome of Tillamok cheese. Tour the processing plant. From there go North to Astoria Oregon, the tip of Oregon. Now it’s time to go East to Portland Oregon. This is where I lived. People take it for granted. Yhe besgt time of year, even if it rains, is June. That month hosts the Rose Parage which is second only to the Pasadena Rose parade. AQfterwards viist the many booths at the Rose Festival near by. Take the time go a few miles to the Rose Gardens. They call Poartland the City of Roses for a reason. There is where you will hug your wife and kid and appreciate you love. OK, we’re not done yet. You can go North 125 miles to Seattle. Visit the home of the Olympics with all of it’sshops and take a ride to the top of the Space Needle. Come back down and go to The Pike St.Market. Put your kid in a stroller and walk though the shops. Around 4 walk over to the Original Spaghetti Factory. You and your kid will enjoy it. If you have the money stay at the Seattle Hyatt Regency with a room over looking the water. Tuck your kid in early and next year you will take a vaction with two kids. OK, get back to me. We haven’t yet touched on Eastern Oregon with the beautiful Multinohma Falls, the Salmon Hatchery, or Crater Lake. Ut Oh. Only 9 hours to Reno, NV where I have lived 3 different times. September/October the best times there. The Reno Air Races, the ballon races, and Ocoberfest not to mention Virgina City where silver was discovered. I know the West Coast well. Just tell me what kind of vacation you are looking for.

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