Paris – Cheap Hotels

Going to Paris for a vacation?
La Tour Eiffel, the Champs-Elysees, the Louvre… many things to see and do!
Many people long to see Paris, but feel the costs would be prohibitive. Paris can be expensive, but there are ways to see the City without spending a small fortune. Consider the following:

Paris is a beautiful city with many different districts, some more posh and expensive than others. You can expect to pay far more for a boutique world-class hotel right beside the Champs-Elysees than in a lesser hotel off the beaten path. If you don’t mind walking – and Paris is an amazing city to walk in, day or night – then this is a good first step toward saving money.

Many hotels have different classes of hotel rooms. If you are willing to compromise somewhat in terms of room size, view or number or size of beds, then you will save money.
As with anywhere in the world, you pay for amenities. If you are willing to just ‘have a place to sleep’, consider an absolutely no-frills hotel and you will save possibly hundreds compared to a luxurious hotel with pools, spa and fancy restaurants. There are also hostels in Paris that will rent you a place to sleep at night for very reasonable rates; far cheaper than any hotel you are likely to find. This does not mean you have to suffer; it may be no-frills, but there are so many wonderful sights and things to do in Paris that you could walk and sight-see all day and be so tired at night that you need only to sleep – safely and comfortably – to prepare for the next exciting day.

Apartments: Paris is a city of ‘flats’ which are apartments ranging from small to large, and from the simple to the decadent. Many residents travel abroad, and offer their flats for rent on a nightly or weekly basis. These are often cheaper than a hotel, and have the added bonus of having a kitchen so you can cook some of your own meals. There are rental companies as well which specialize in this type of accommodation.

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