Great Vacation Spots – California

Visiting California, but you don’t know what you’re supposed to see there. What are the main attractions, what are the best California vacation spots.

Romantic California Vacation Spots

Looking for romantic vacation spots in California? Bringing right up! Read on.

Carmel Beach
If it’s California beach vacation spots that you’re looking for, then the Carmel beach vacation is close to perfection. The best part about this place is its coastline. Purely enticing, almost untouched, and carrying within it the promises of a thousand tales to follow. The Carmel coastline is one of the most beautiful ones in all of California, it is said. And when your feet sink into the soft sand, the splashing of waves echoes in your ears, there’s the emerald blue water to soak in and the smell of the sea hangs lightly in the air, you’ll know they didn’t lie. Not one bit. Catch the sunset at this beach and you’ll see why it’s a romantic vacation spot right away. Carmel beach is all that…and more. You wanted a romantic California vacation spot for couples? You got it. The most luxurious among all the best beaches in California!

Napa Valley
Napa valley could well be synonymous with words that capture emotions like relaxation, rejuvenation, peace and calm. Imagine your summer vacation suffused with a green lush country side that is reminiscent of some place in Tuscany or a place from your dreams perhaps. Wineries adorn this 30 mile strip of valley like sand would a beach. And a tour that includes wine tasting is a given. Then there are the hillsides and landscapes and the flooding of wildflowers throughout the valley. Quietly nestled in the valley is a town called Calistoga that is sinfully famous for spas, hot springs and massages. Drive up here to experience some soaking in the hot spring waters and mud baths. Is that a romantic vacation or what?

California Family Vacation Spots

All of you’ll planning on a vacation together? How about some fun spots for the kids to enjoy with? Presenting some of the most memorable and famous vacation spots in California.

Anaheim – California
The town of fun. Literally. What could be more fun than a trip to Disneyland for a vacation? Thousands of rides and water sports, gurgling laughter and activities within the Disney theme parks. Nothing to get you down! Then explore the Buena Park that has in itself famous places like Knotts Berry Farm, Pirates Dinner Theater, Medieval Times and beaches like the Newport beach, Laguna beach and others. A perfect place to soak up some sun and throw the Frisbees around.

Sunset Ranch Hollywood – Los Angeles
Want to try out something different? Try taking a horseback ride across Los Angeles – Trot all the way to Burbank, explore a little with a Mexican meal for company and some great sites that you’ll find in the Hollywood hills, sunsets, and starry nights.

Marble Mount Ranch – Klamath River
A world of experience all packed into one! Try the marble mount ranch, an area suffused with natural forests and a choice of other activities like fishing, kayaking, rafting, hiking, riding and swimming. Their activities are organized in a manner such that they let the entire family participate together. The perfect way to get some quality time with your kids and rekindle as a family over a ton of fun activities.

Other California Vacation Spots

Here is a list of some of the most famous California vacation spots.

Golden Gate Bridge
Mammoth Mountain
Hearst Castle
Palm Springs
Yosemite National Park

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