Europe All Inclusive Vacations


Americans love the conveniences of all inclusive vacations, and for most families this typically means a getaway at a beach resort in the Caribbean or Mexico. Below are several ways in which families can make a trip to Europe and also enjoy the benefits of an all inclusive vacation. Europe offers plenty of beach opportunity, with the Mediterranean being the most popular area. The Mediterranean also offers a longer vacation season than that Atlantic coast. Families can find all inclusive beach resorts in countries such as Greece, Spain, and Portugal, and if the property caters to British tourists, there should be no problem for those who speak only English. Check a popular British holiday packager such as Thomson Holidays for all inclusive vacations. Keep in mind that these all … [Read more...]

Best vacation spots for teens?

What are some of the best vacation spots for teens? My friends & I are planning a trip somewhere this spring break as this is our last year of high school. We're preferring to visit a place that isn't outrageously expensive. We also want to visit a place that isn't a beach or an amusement park, as those are the places we tend to go to every vacation. We want to visit somewhere that is definitely more unique. But would also be insanely fun for teenagers 17 and older. Preferably in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Or even off the coast of these countries. Any ideas would be great! Thanks! =) … [Read more...]

Great family vacation spot with teens?

I have two daughters. Ages 15 and 16. We live in Texas so preferably somewhere cooler. They don't care much for swimming or theme parks. Any ideas? Preferably somewhere in the US. … [Read more...]

What are some popular vacation spots for teens?

I've been talking a lot to my friends about where were going in the summer of our senior year. We decided that were gonna go to a beach for about a week. Were going to be 18 and would like to party a lot. Any suggestions on some hot vacation spots, would be great. We would want to stay in a low priced, but nice hotel obviously. … [Read more...]

GREAT VACATION SPOTS FOR A FAMILY OF TEENS, adventureous or relaxing, and not very expensive………..?

My dad, 11 year old brother, and me 14 year old have always taken a great adventurous vacation...... For example, last year we went to Elk Mountain Ranch, and horseback rode for a week. It was more like actually roughing it that staying at home by far... it was GREAT! this year because of the economic crisis, we were hit hard... my parents are musicians... we would love to still go on vacation, but we have no ideas where... my brother doesnt want to go to another ranch because we have already been to two, and he wants to do something new. IDEAS??? ALSO! my mom brother and i always go on a more relaxing vacation... the last two years we have been on cruises. but, this year my mom doesnt want to go on another cruise.... any other ideas? i dont want to do any sight seeing! IDEAS?? … [Read more...]

Orlando Vacation Packages offer teens a great time

If you want to enjoy the different attractions you can find whether at Disney World or other famous theme parks and local attractions in the area without spending too much or ruining your holiday budget, you need to find good value Orlando vacation package deals in order for you to be able to take advantage of the lots of discounts and privileged travel rates either online or from directly contacting your planned holiday destination.We all know that one of the reasons why people include Orlando in their travel itinerary is because of the world famous Disney World which can be found in this state. This is among the most visited tourist spot all over the world so it would not be impossible if the admission rates for park tickets, on – site accommodations, and dining options can be quite … [Read more...]

GREAT vacation spots for kids and teens?

We are looking for good vacation spots for kids age: girl-15 girl-12(acts 15) boy-12 boy-8 boy-8 We were thinking topsail island or wilmington,nc...we've been to Key West/Flordia Keys...they loved that, but its really needs to be in the USA. Thanks, by! … [Read more...]