Most Beautiful Places To Live In The World

Oia Village in Santorini, Greece

Hallstatt, Austria Split, Croatia Yvoire, France Shirakawa, Japan Key West, Florida Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Eze, French Riviera Bibury, England Alberobello, Italy Giethoorn, Netherlands Wengen, Switzerland Český Krumlov, Czech Republic Juzcar, Spain Newport, Rhode Island Savannah, Georgia Tasiilaq, Greenland Colmar, France Oia Village in Santorini, Greece Burano, Italy … [Read more...]

Most Extreme Locations in the World

Need some bragging rights on your next vacation? A round up the most extreme places on the planet, including: Dallol, Ethiopia: The globe's hottest inhabited area. The average air temperature (highest in the world) is a stifling 93.9 degrees Fahrenheit. The Dead Sea, Jordan/Israel: The lowest point on the planet. The shore of the Dead Sea is 1,390 feet below sea level. (Picture Tourists visiting the Dead Sea, the lowest elevation on Earth.) Krubera Cave, Georgia: The world's deepest cave. It reaches back 7,188 feet. Mount Thor, Baffin Island, Canada: The biggest vertical drop on Earth. Located in the Auyuittuq National Park, fearless base jumpers can plunge 4,100 feet. The best travel site Great Vacation Spots The best Gossip Magazine Online … [Read more...]

Anyone know of great Georgia vacation spots in January?

For a 25 year old and a 49 year old mother and daughter … [Read more...]

Great vacation spots around tennessee, georgia, florida, Louisiana, mississippi, or Alabama?

I'm going on vacation in May and I'm looking for a calm, not too expensive, but still fun place to go to. I am planning on taking my dog. Any suggestions? … [Read more...]