Christmas Vacation Packages & Deals

Christmas is the time to enjoy vacation .During Christmas holidays some people prefer to celebrate at home while other find it as an excellent opportunity to enjoy the vacation. There are many Christmas Vacation Packages that are offered around this season .These package are offered by many hotels ,resorts, cruises and airlines for early booking. So if you are planning for a holiday this season then it is advisable to do early booking for great deals.For those who travel in groups during these days get even more Christmas deals.  There are lot of good ways to enjoy a Christmas vacations. A lot of people living in a cold location, prefer the good old traditional practice of staying home with family and feel the atmosphere of the festive season. Some prefer outdoor locations with bright … [Read more...]

The Perfect Exotic Vacation Spot for Christmas Holidays

"Cork is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland after Dublin. The city is located in the province of Munster and lies on the banks of the River Lee. Cork City has a population of 275,000 inhabitants. Cork is also one of the 32 counties of Ireland and is in fact the largest county in Ireland. Cork city has a great reputation for its’ friendly people and is home to Murphy’s Irish Stout, the Guinness Jazz Festival, famous ex Irish footballer Roy Keane amongst other things. For anyone visiting Ireland for the first time no visit is complete without visiting County Cork. The city boasts some excellent accommodation that caters for all a travelers needs. However hotels in Cork in particular have garnished a fine reputation over the years. Due to its’ location in the South West … [Read more...]

Christmas Vacations-Best Part of the Great Christmas Extravaganza

Christmas is about Jesus, his birth and the love he preached to spread all over. Christmas celebration is full of fun and delight. Christmas Vacations are an important part of the Great Christmas Extravaganza. Arrival of winter marks the beginning of the joyful Christmas holidays. Everybody wishes to spend the season with utmost delight and zeal. Some prefer going out of station, some picnicking while some choose to stay back and celebrate the festivity in their own special way. If you are not sure what to exactly do this Christmas Season, we may help you in this context. Busy schedule keeps us from enjoying and relaxing. Christmas Vacations are a best way to ease ourselves from the burden of life and have fun with our dear ones. There are different ways in which one can enjoy Christmas … [Read more...]

Dwvc?s Top 5 Holiday Vacation Spots for the Christmas Season ? Part I

To know more of DWVC, a revolutionary new idea launched in 2000 as Dream Works Vacation Club, later becoming Designer Way Vacation Club when it was discovered that a very large film making company existed in the USA with a similar name; Designer Way Vacation Club is an exclusive holiday and consumer discount members club that has been growing rapidly throughout the early part of the new millennium. In that time it has established a very enviable reputation for both outstanding performance and trustworthiness. Everybody’s busy nowadays since the Christmas Season is fast approaching and many are now planning where to spend a well deserved holiday vacation with their families and loved ones. To help you out, some of our DWVC members have contributed their most exciting Christmas … [Read more...]