Rio de Janeiro, Brazil A Great Vacation Spot

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a Great Vacation Spot Usually referred to as Rio it's the second largest city of Brazil, and one of the largest metropolitan area in South America. With a population of nearly 6.5 million people within the city. It's a vacation destination for Europeans, South Americans and Americans. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most visited cities in south America, known for its natural settings, beaches, seaside resort towns, and famous carnival. Among its most famous sites are Copacabana neighborhood known for its beach¬†which is one of the most famous in the world and Ipanema the beach at Ipanema became widely known by the song "The Girl from Ipanema". With Samba dance a cultural expressions of its national identity and Bossa Nova musical style evolving from samba … [Read more...]

Great Vacation Spot – France

France is one of most favorite holiday destinations in the world. It welcomes more than 82 million tourists every year from all over the world with open arms and love. The travelers choose to spend vacations in France due to its popular tourist spots like Eiffel Tower that alone drives in an overwhelming 6.2 million visitors each year. Besides, France travel vacations are very exciting because of its rich French culture, historical monuments, beaches, countryside tours, luxury French wine tours, gourmet culinary vacations and much more. Many travelers also choose gourmet culinary vacations when they plan for a travel in France. The French cuisine is rich in flavors & there is a lot of variety in foods. Fine dining in France is an amazing experience that anyone would not want to … [Read more...]

Were are woarm beaches in the us around dec 25…and a great vacation spot?

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Great Vacation Beaches

If you are a beach lover, you would definitely want to see as many beautiful beaches as you can during your lifetime. However, time and budget constraints may not permit you to see all of the beaches in the world. But despite that, you can content yourself in visiting some of the best that the world has to offer. Below, you will find the top beaches that you would want to include in your list of places to visit. Bondi BeachBondi Beach, which is located in Sydney, Australia, is a long stretch of gorgeous sand where you can spend the day basking under the wonderful warmth of the sun. Since it is not far from the city center of Sydney, the location is very convenient. Not to mention, this beach is also surrounded by fabulous cafes, restaurants, bars, and establishments that would make your … [Read more...]