Great Vacation Spot – France

France is one of most favorite holiday destinations in the world. It welcomes more than 82 million tourists every year from all over the world with open arms and love. The travelers choose to spend vacations in France due to its popular tourist spots like Eiffel Tower that alone drives in an overwhelming 6.2 million visitors each year. Besides, France travel vacations are very exciting because of its rich French culture, historical monuments, beaches, countryside tours, luxury French wine tours, gourmet culinary vacations and much more.

Many travelers also choose gourmet culinary vacations when they plan for a travel in France. The French cuisine is rich in flavors & there is a lot of variety in foods. Fine dining in France is an amazing experience that anyone would not want to miss. For the wine tasters and lovers, France is no less than a cradle where they can explore the amazing wineries spreading in hundreds and thousands of acres of land. They can taste some of the worlds best wines, home grown by the hard working framers in the wineries. They can go for customized luxury French wine tours.

Your travel in France would be incomplete without visiting and exploring places like:
Paris: Paris is famous all over the world for its art, food, wine and romance. Some of  its must visit tourist spots include the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triompheand the Louvre Museum.
Lyon: Lyon is called the gastronomic capital of France. The places worth visiting include Cathdrale St-Jean, Museum of Gallo-Roman Civilizatio, Place de la Comdie, Basilique de Notre Dame de Fourvire, Roman Ruins, etc.
Riviera: The sun, sea and sand over the glamorous French Riviera is the best for enjoying a romantic holiday. Though, its thronged by tourists during summers, but still there many ways to find a good place to sit & relax with your love.
Provence: Provence is another most romantic city in France. This place has a warm weather. With a slow paced life, lots of amazing locations, hotels & delicious food, its just a perfect place to relax with your partner. Its major tourist attractions are Les Baux, the Provencal villages of Rousillon & Gordes.
Brittany: Brittany is blessed with amazing coastal scenery in France. Its natural beauty is embellished with towering cliffs & lovely bays and sandy beaches. There’s a lot to explore and experience in this beautiful French city.
Normandy: Normandy is yet another exotic location with attractions ranging from captivating old port in Honfleur to the famous abbey of Mont St. Michel. You can visit charming Tapestry in Bayeux, studio and gardens at Giverny. Besides, there are many monuments, museums & memorials to see. Normandy is best known for its charm, with its rolling green pastures and beautiful villages, its a great place to enjoy a relaxing holiday.
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